বৰনগৰ মহাবিদ্যালয়


There is a Grievance Redressal Cell to look after the grievances of the students. A complaint box has been installed for the purpose. The primary objective of the cell is to redress the grievances of the students as far as practicable so that a congenial academic ambience can be created. But the complaints involving monetary matters are referred to the Governing Body.

Composition of the Cell is as follows:

Chairperson Dr. B.K. Chakravorty, Principal
Convenor Prof. Nikhil Deka, Vice-Principal
Members Mr. H.C. Mazumdar, Guardian Member, G.B.
Dr. S.L. Das
Prof. Nabanita Deka
Vice-President, College Students’ Union
General Secretary, College Students’ Union
Legal Advisor Mrs. Nayanika Mazumdar

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