বৰনগৰ মহাবিদ্যালয়


The Publication Cell of Barnagar College, Sorbhog was formed on 10th May, 2003. The Cell publishes Annual News Bulletin of the College, Research Bulletin, Teachers’ Periodical, College Magazine, Anthology of Seminar Papers and Edited Volumes of PhD Thesis and M.Phil Dissertations of the faculties of the college. The objectives of the Publication Cell are: (a) to promote creative skills in writing of the faculty members as well as of the students and (b) to highlight the achievement of the college and to use it as input for further improvement.

The Publication Cell has been formed in collaboration with the IQAC of the college to systematise the publication process. The composition of the said board is mentioned below:

President Dr. B.K. Chakravorty, Principal
Editors Dr. B.K. Kunda, Co-ordinator, IQAC
Dr. J.C. Sarma, Co-ordinator, IQAC
Dr. S.L. Das
Dr. P.K. Sarma

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